Hello my new friend!

Cindy Chin ddpc@boverman.com
Wed Aug 6 16:12:00 GMT 2008

My name is Marina
I live in city saint peterburg, i am 27 years old, and i am not married 
and haven't children, i am alone now.
I am search for a man for serious relationships in your country, and
plan to create a family in your country.
I am in moscow now and i am waiting reception of the visa. I and my
girlfriend planned to travel together, and start process of receive our
visas in past, and few days ago embassador informed us that our visas
will be ready soon and we need to come to moscow to receive it. I
waited for the moment when we will travel with my girlfriend, but now
she has problems and can't travel with me, it is really sad for
me, because i can't go to another country alone and to nobody. And also i
don't want to lose chance to see your country.
I decide to get acquainted with a man for serious relationships in 
your country! I adressed this letter to dating agency in my city.
I hope you are looking for the same as me! We can continue corresponding
and meet soon, if you want write me back please! I will be really glad to 
receive your answer and will necessary send you reply with my photo.
Tell me please something about you, like your name, how old are you, and in 
what city you live?

I am sorry if my letter have disturbed you, but anyway hope to hear from you
write me please on my mailbox:   marinka_0@bk.ru
Hope to hear from you
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