Config options

Raphael Derosso Pereira
Thu Jul 17 16:30:00 GMT 2008


Actually I found what I wanted going into 'newlib-source/newlib' and
requesting './configure --help'

2008/7/16 duane ellis <>:
> Raphel> I'm using newlib to build an ARM7 toolchain and I would like to know
> how can I discover ALL available 'configure' options, as configure- - --help
> doesn't provide them.
> find all the "./configure" files (recursively) and use ./configure --help on
> each of them separately.
> For example HELP at the top does not give you HELP recursively.
> You can specify additional "options" to the top level ./configure, I believe
> it will pass them on down to the recursive ./configures. (Somebody speak up
> if I am wrong).
> -Duane.

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