Porting newlib to a new os

nicko.koinkoin@free.fr nicko.koinkoin@free.fr
Tue Jun 24 19:00:00 GMT 2008

Hello everybody,

I am trying to port newlib on top on an unsupported OS. I have already written
the system call stubs, the crt0.S file, but now I wonders how to build the

I uses Linux as my development platform, meaning that I want to compile newlib
on Linux for my OS. I have seen that (I thinks the simplest way) this can been
done by replacing the *.c files in libgloss/ that implement the system calls
with those for my OS.
However, I would like to use the nice and portable architecture of newlib, so I
have created the directory $(NEWLIB_SRC)/newlib/libc/sys/k2, a configure.in, and
copied my system call and crt0.S files inside. Next I have added the following
in $(NEWLIB_SRC)/newlib/configure.host :


and also the newlib/libc/sys/configure.in file.

But now I don't known the next steps. In fact I have tried to add my OS in
$(NEWLIB_SRC)/config.sub, but then of course it tries cross-compil with a
i386-pc-k2-gcc etc ... which I haven't yet.

So is there a way to compile/build the library for another OS (i.e. by providing
the ld script etc ...)?



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