[patch] SPU timer

Kazunori Asayama asayama@sm.sony.co.jp
Tue Jun 10 17:36:00 GMT 2008

Ken Werner wrote:
> This patch abstracts the decrementer and allows the user to register multiple
> timers. If two (or more) timers expire nearly at the same it wouldn't make
> sense to setup the decrementer again since it would have been expired already.
> Therefore code calls all handlers whose time is smaller than the
> TIMER_INTERVAL_WINDOW. The exact size of that window (in wall clock units)
> doesn't really matter. If it's too big or too small the precision suffers.
> The TIMER_INTERVAL_WINDOW is specified in ticks since the user 
> specifies the timer inteval.

Thank you for your explanation. I understand.

(ASAYAMA Kazunori

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