License for \newlib\libc\time

Sat Jun 7 11:15:00 GMT 2008


I use some functions from "\newlib\libc\time"

- __tzinfo_type *__gettzinfo (void)
- struct tm *_DEFUN (_mktm_r, (tim_p, res, is_gmtime), _CONST time_t *
tim_p _AND struct tm *res _AND int is_gmtime)
- int _DEFUN (__tzcalc_limits, (year), int year)
- struct tm * _DEFUN (gmtime_r, (tim_p, res), _CONST time_t * tim_p _AND
struct tm *res)
- struct tm * _DEFUN (localtime_r, (tim_p, res), _CONST time_t * tim_p
_AND struct tm *res)

Can someone tell me, which copyrights/licenses I must copy to my
src/documentation? Must I copy the whole COPYING.NEWLIB or is it enough
to copy the licenses which are relevant for the used functions? But then
I must know, which licenses is relevant for the respective functions.


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