ARM setjmp.S multilib issue

Jeff Johnston
Wed May 21 22:33:00 GMT 2008

Anders Lindgren wrote:
>   I am using newlib-1.15.0 in a multilib configuration built together 
> with gcc-4.1.1 (as in "newlib gets built by the gcc multilib build").
>   Everything has been working out fine, but I have recently stumbled 
> into a problem with setjmp.S: it gets built in multiple variants by 
> the gcc multilib mechanism. However, setjmp.S is for some reason 
> *never* assembled into thumb -- the thumb multilib variants all 
> contain an ARM version of setjmp.o
>   Anyone else able to confirm/deny this in e.g. 1.16?
> Best regards,
> ali:)

  There has been a recent fix to setjmp.S with regards to the __thumb2__ 
flag.  I would suggest trying the new file out.

  Otherwise, a few things to check.  First off, run the compiler with 
--print-multi-lib to verify the thumb variant is associated with the 
appropriate option.  Go to your newlib build directory and traverse to 
the thumb/newlib/libc/machine/arm directory and look at the Makefile.  
It should have a line in it which sets CC = ..... -mthumb

  Finally, verify that the compiler is actually setting the __thumb__ or 
__thumb2__ flags for newlib to check.

-- Jeff J.

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