arm-elf thumb-2 issue in newlib or gas?

Nick Clifton
Wed Apr 23 11:14:00 GMT 2008

Hi Andreas, Hi Mariusz,

> Assembler messages:
> ../../../../../../../../newlib-1.16.0/newlib/libc/machine/arm/setjmp.S:123:
> Error: SP not allowed in register list -- `stmea a1!,{v1-v7,fp,ip,sp,lr}'

This is a newlib issue.

Please could you try out the attached patch which I believe will resolve 
it for you.  If you can confirm this I will check the patch in.


2008-04-22  Nick Clifton  <>

	* libc/machine/arm/setjmp.S: Add support for thumb2 multiple
	register load/store instructions.
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