Porting newlib

Luke A. Guest laguest@archeia.com
Thu Jan 17 01:19:00 GMT 2008


As I've already stated, I need a c library to be able to get a full
runtime and tool support for GNAT on bare hardware. My targets being
i386-elf (to start with), x86_64-elf, mips-elf, mipsel-elf.

Now, I know that --target=i386-elf will compile (to a point) but I've
noticed that the only board supported is cygmon, should I really start a
i386-pc-elf target port? i.e. a port that has a startup that has a
multiboot header and can pass the command line from GRUB to the kernel
image? I don't need dynamic memory, I/O (except for possible serial
line/VGA console).


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