Compilation problem on m68k/memcpy.S

Jeff Johnston
Wed Jan 9 10:11:00 GMT 2008

Vincent Rivière wrote:
> Jeff Johnston wrote :
>> Thanks Vincent.  I decided to make a new file: m68kasm.h which has the 
>> prelude found in setjmp.S.  I then had the 3 .S files include 
>> "m68kasm.h" and use the SYM() macro as you have below.
>> Please try out the new code to make sure I didn't make any mistakes.  
>> I don't have a m68k build handy for testing.
> Great !
> However, it doesn't compile now.
> That's because you added the macros for the registers (which is good), 
> but in that case you must remove the leading % in the source files.
> You just have to make a find-and-replace from '%' to '' in memcpy.S and 
> memset.S, and everything will be OK !

Thanks for checking this.  Have removed the % chars and checked in.

-- Jeff J.

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