Long long printing problems with newlib 1.16.0?

Vincent Rivière vincent.riviere@freesbee.fr
Thu Jan 3 20:38:00 GMT 2008

Hello, Franzi.

> I tried to use printf in a cross 68k machine. The print "unsigned long 
> long" seems not to work.
> unsigned long long a = 9888994872930475ull;
> printf("%llu", a)
> -> gives as a result 2302461 on my cross target 68k
> -> gives as a result 9888994872930475 on my host machine OSX
> How do I have to configure newlib to correctly support long long int on 
> embedded targets? Whit the previous version of the newlib 1.15.0, the 
> flag "--enable-newlib-io-long-long" was enough.

No problem on my Atari ST (68000).
I get the same result than on your OSX host.

I use the latest stable versions on a Cygwin host:

I have configured newlib with options very similar to yours.

Vincent Rivière

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