Implementation of ARM EABI library requirements?

Duane Ellis
Tue Dec 18 17:20:00 GMT 2007

Mark Mitchell wrote:
> it's for a customer interested in being able
> to link application code with either Newlib or GLIBC, without having to
> know which one is in use at compile-time.  
Ouch, looking at how the structures are managed - that is messy.
And ... all the aeabi globals that are created to deal with things like 
"errno" values. Yuck.

My quick glance at the ARM doc - I did not see any thing about "libgcc" 
like functions.
Division, floating Point, etc, That's not newlib - that is a GCC issue.

In gcc, I guess you'll also have to deal with '-fno-built-in-printf' - 
type optimizations,
I do remember the ARM compiler doing exactly that type of stuff also (+3 
years ago)

I also did not see things about #defines for example - flag bits for 
mode in the open() call.

Then there are structure alignment, structure padding, etc issues across 

I wonder if these changes *ALSO* dictate changes on the compiler command 
And hence, a specialized Makefile change.

Ah... requirements creep - you gotta love it.

Having gone down a similar road once - I'm not looking for answers - 
just tossing other ideas out there you might want to think about.

Have fun.


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