Problem with ARM port and pow() function

Dave Korn
Mon Oct 22 12:45:00 GMT 2007

On 22 October 2007 09:07, Fau Marz wrote:

> When the execution reaches the line 101, I expect that the next step should
> continue at 102 or return back in the calling procedure, depending on the
> result of "if(ix <= 0x3fe921fb)".
> But this is NOT what happens: the execution after line 101 go back to line
> 100!

  Common behaviour when you compile with optimisation on, the compiler has
rearranged the code slightly and the debugger is doing its best to show you
which bit of code you're executing when.  It's much easier to debug if you
recompile everything using "-O0" in your CFLAGS.

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