Check for makeinfo >4.9 fails

Per Arnold Blåsmo
Fri Oct 12 22:30:00 GMT 2007

In newlib configure it is a test for makeinfo version larger than 4.4.
On my Fedora7 distro texinfo got updated to version 4.11, and then this
test failed.

In 1.15.0 ./ line 2236 this reads:

    if ${MAKEINFO} --version \
       | egrep 'texinfo[^0-9]*([1-3][0-9]|4\.[4-9]|[5-9])' >/dev/null
2>&1; then
Changeing it to:
    if ${MAKEINFO} --version \
       | egrep 'texinfo[^0-9]*([1-3][0-9]|4\.[4-9]|[5-9]|4\.1[0-9])'
>/dev/null 2>&1; then
fixes the problem.
I guess there could be a more generic test, but...

I do not have right do do any changes in any repository, so I hope some
that has can fix it.
Per A.

Per Arnold Blåsmo
Senior Design Engineer
Atmel Norway, Vestre Rosten 79, 7075 Tiller (Trondheim), Norway 

phone:  +47-72897 651
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