Got printf() et al. to work, but not for floating point

Dave Korn
Fri Sep 14 17:16:00 GMT 2007

On 13 September 2007 01:24, Rick Mann wrote:

> So, I've gotten printf() to work on my PXA320 target, outputting to
> the serial port. I've also got floating point working, as evidenced
> by a little bouncing-ball app I wrote using floating point math. I
> also have malloc() working (AFAICT).
> However, if I try to print a floating-point value with printf(), the
> system either crashes or hangs for a long time.
> printf("Hello. Pi is %f\n", 3.141592654f);
> Any ideas as to why? 

  At a WAG, perhaps your compiler and your newlib disagree about whether or
not you've built for hard-float or soft-float?

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