[PATCH] SPU use a 16 byte fpos_t

Jeff Johnston jjohnstn@redhat.com
Fri Sep 7 18:05:00 GMT 2007

Patrick Mansfield wrote:
> On Thu, Sep 06, 2007 at 05:20:59PM -0400, Jeff Johnston wrote:
>> Patrick Mansfield wrote:
>>> fpos_t is 12 bytes for 32 bit ppc glibc, and 16 bytes for 64 bit.
>>> Currently SPU newlib uses 4 bytes for fpos_t. This is always a problem
>>> with 64 bit ppc, since the fgetpos() assist call writes 8 bytes back for
>>> the offset, and is a potential problem with 32 bit ppc.
>>> So for SPU always use 16 bytes for fpos_t and also make currently unused
>>> (in SPU) _fpos64_t 16 bytes.
>> Patrick,
>>   This needs to be cleaned up.  Not your fault, but I don't want cpu 
>> checks in sys/reent.h and I don't think that _fpos_t should be magically 
>> defined in sys/reent.h.  The following proposal makes this change and 
>> others easy for you to do.  It is pretty straightforward.
>>   So, this is what I propose:
>>   1. copy machine/_types.h to machine/_default_types.h
>>   2. make machine/_types.h simply include machine/_default_types.h
>>   3. have sys/_types.h include machine/_types.h
>>   4. have sys/_types.h look for flags before defining _ types.  For
>>      example, #ifndef _OFF_T_DEFINED).  You need to add
>>      _fpos_t and  _fpos64_t default defs which weren't there previously
>>   5. create an machine/spu/machine/_types.h which defines all of these
>>      to your liking...also set the flags on so sys/_types.h won't try
>>      and define them
>>   6. remove _fpos_t and _fpos64_t defs from sys/reent.h
>>   This will be clean and allow other platforms to do tweaking as
>> desired without cluttering up the common headers.
>>   Comments?
> I'm trying this, but machine/spu/machine/_types.h is not being used - at
> least it is not installed, full path is
> newlib/libc/include/machine/spu/machine/_types.h.
> Do I need a configuration change too, or did you mean a different path?
> And machine/spu/machine/_types.h would replace (and so has to supply
> everything included by) machine/_types.h ?
> -- Patrick Mansfield
I meant libc/machine/spu/machine/_types.h (i.e. not in the libc/include 
directory).  There is code in Makefile.am that will take header files 
from libc/machine/xxxx/machine and put them in the include/machine 
directory.  This is how platforms override whatever headers they want to.

Regarding the override:  The reason I had you create a _default_types.h 
file is so any machine-specific _types.h could start with #include 
<machine/_default_types.h> and so there is no need to copy the current 
file over.

-- Jeff J.

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