How do I point out OS includes? -- Or how to Build My Own SDK using Newlib

Anders Lindgren
Wed Apr 18 16:41:00 GMT 2007

On Wed, 18 Apr 2007, Dave Korn wrote:

>  Or configure gcc using "--with-gnu-as=/my/tool/dir/bin/foo-as
> --with-gnu-ld=/my/tool/dir/bin/foo-ld"?

   I don't think I ever tried these options since it "just works" with some 
symlinks -- wouldn't it need at least "ar" and "ranlib" named as well? 
strip? nm?

>  Come to think of that, if you aren't using at least "--with-gnu-as
> --with-gnu-ld", it has no idea whether you're using binutils or something
> else, so maybe that's why it doesn't infer that --program-prefix is relevant.

   I guess I just find it a bit inconsistent that it doesn't check for 
$program_prefix-$tool as well while it's at it. The natural thing to do 
(at least in my fluffy little world :-) ) is to install them all with the 
same prefix: if $target-$tool doesn't exist but $program_prefix is set, it 
would seem plausible that $program_prefix-$tool exists instead (if I am 
using binutils at all). I don't know, maybe that would open a can of worms 
on less obvious configurations than mine. Not exactly a big deal -- 
evidently, I didn't even care enough myself yet to try to fix it. :-)

> You did't tell us what configure options you use for gcc in your post, can we
> see your actual binutils and (pre-)gcc configure commands?

For binutils, I only specified --target=foo-bar-baz, --prefix=/my/tooldir 
and --program-prefix=foo-bar-.

For GCC (4.1.1), I additionally used:

--srcdir=/devel/src/gcc-4.1.1 (Have had problems with configure getting 
confused without --srcdir on occassion)

   This works fine for C. I'd like to find out eventually why libssp broke 
and what's missing to make libstdc++ build, but that's way down on my 
priority list since I don't use either.


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