printf and glibc extensions

Duane Ellis
Fri Apr 13 14:19:00 GMT 2007


I'm glad to hear you are aware of the embedded environment, I was just 

> For that matter, true embedded programmers know that [snip] using printf is a non-starter

I've written probably a couple dozen "poor-mans-printf()" solutions over 
the years.

I have been burned by GCC's "printf()" optimizing features, and learned 
about -fno-builtin-printf . And
the ARM ADS - Standard C library that - has a integer divide-by-zero 
test, which calls fprintf(stderr,.....)
which then - sucks the _entire_  standard  C library into my otherwise 
tiny 2K boot loader image

>> Worse, you must dig through levels of ./configure to find the one you need.
> No, ./configure --help should be able to list them all (grabbing the
> recursive help in your behalf).
I guess you have not tried it recently.... compare the output in  
${newlib-root-dir} vrs  ${newlib-newlib-dir}

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