assert broken on spu-elf

Kazunori Asayama
Wed Feb 14 02:40:00 GMT 2007

Andrew_Pinski@PlayStation.Sony.Com wrote:
> jschopp <> wrote on 02/13/2007 12:26:40 PM:
> > Was the reproduced on the latest cvs or something older?
> This was with yesterday's cvs.  I got a new machine so downloaded 
> the latest cvs version of binutils and newlib and noticed my GCC
> results were crap and I wondered why and then I noticed the error.

I could reproduce it. It was because offloaded stdio does not have
*i*printf functions (restricted version of *printf functions).

Please try the patch below.

Is it also needed to define these as real functions ?

Index: newlib/newlib/libc/machine/spu/sys/custom_file.h
--- newlib.orig/newlib/libc/machine/spu/sys/custom_file.h
+++ newlib/newlib/libc/machine/spu/sys/custom_file.h
@@ -9,5 +9,15 @@ struct __sFILE_spu {
 typedef struct __sFILE_spu __FILE;
+#define iprintf    printf
+#define fiprintf   fprintf
+#define siprintf   sprintf
+#define sniprintf  snprintf
+#define viprintf   vprintf
+#define vfiprintf  vfprintf
+#define vsiprintf  vsprintf
+#define vsniprintf vsnprintf
 #endif /* __CUSTOM_FILE_H__ */

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