Renesas __trap34() system calls broken - possibly on other platforms, too

Tue Jan 9 16:24:00 GMT 2007

Dave Korn wrote:
> On 09 January 2007 15:10, Jonas Mark (ST-FIR/ENG1) wrote:
>> Sadly, I am locked on a Windows machine so compiling newlib is extremely
>> painful. 
>   Huh?  It's usually trivial with cygwin.

Only with a gcc that understands cygwin pathnames. The KPIT toolset is 
mingw based (IFAIK).

However, unless the problem is that the whole library was not built with 
the -mrenesas option, he only really needs to rebuild the syscalls.c file.

Either way, he really should be asking KPIT for support for KPIT 
toolset. As I understand it, they will provide a limited amount support 
free of charge.


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