Confused by building process of newlib

Darin Johnson
Wed Dec 28 07:54:00 GMT 2005

>From: Amir Bukhari <>
>Sent: Dec 27, 2005 12:24 PM
>There is a number of subdirs like 'nof' 'und' .. Secondly I see during
>building that gcc option '-meabi' is overriden by '-mno-eabi'. Both are
>parameter to gcc but -mno-eabi is the last one.

I won't worry too much about that.  The library should be compatible with
EABI systems.  The only difference is that it will align stacks differently,
and won't use as much small-data space as it could.  It's probably best
to just stick with the defaults and see if that works, before trying to
customize the configuration too much.  After that, you may need to
create a patch for the Makefiles in order to get the exact compile
options you want.   (don't forget GCC, it compiles some things with
EABI turned off too, and I had to use "-mno-use-cxa-atexit" in order
to avoid "__dso_handle")

Darin Johnson

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