redboot syscalls for libgloss/arm

Shaun Jackman
Tue Dec 20 23:59:00 GMT 2005

2005/12/8, Jeff Johnston <>:
> > Rather than extending the redboot syscall interface, which seems to be
> > intentionally sparse by design, I suspect I'll move along to a more
> > fully featured syscall interface, likely that of Linux. This means
> > adding a new syscall interface, linux-syscalls.c, to libgloss/arm.
> > This addition brings up the question of the config name. The Linux
> > syscalls could be added to arm-elf, alongside RDI, RDP, and Redboot.
> > This approach seems to me to be the path of least resistance.
> > Alternatively, a new arm-linux-newlib (a.k.a.
> > arm-unknown-linux-newlib) target could be added.
> Regarding a configuration target, no, I'd rather not get in the way of a
> future linux port that properly modifies the libc/sys/linux directory
> and adds arm-specific syscalls, etc.  There is no problem in following
> the other bsps in the directory and supplying ld scripts and spec files.

I've nearly finished the Linux syscall interface for libgloss/arm. Now
I only need to name the libgloss library. The other libraries are
called librdpmon.a and librdimon.a, but liblinuxmon.a would be a
misnomer, since Linux is more a kernel than a monitor.

Initially I called it libinux.a. Cute, but not friendly. It could be
liblinux-syscalls.a, but I'm leaning towards a name that includes
"gloss" in the title now. Perhaps libgloss-linux.a, or
libglosslinux.a? Perhaps libgloss could then ship with a libgloss.a
symlink to one of librdimon.a, librdpmon.a, redboot-syscalls.o, or


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