The thread model in newlib

Jeff Johnston
Tue Dec 20 17:29:00 GMT 2005

Leif Ekblad wrote:
> Jeff J:
>> whereas newlib/libc/sys is for OSes (e.g. RTEMS, Linux, Cygwin). There 
>> are few platforms like ARM that are in libc/sys but this is just 
>> historical and they truly belong in libgloss.  The libgloss library 
>> allows an end-user to choose at compile/link time the actual target 
>> board/simulator. Having ARM in newlib has proven a true nuisance so a 
>> libgloss directory has been created and eventually we'll have gcc use 
>> it exclusively and remove the libc/sys/arm directory altogether.
> OK, I see.
>> RTEMS and Cygwin actually use newlib as a base that they override and 
>> enhance so the syscalls, OS-specific functions are actually found in 
>> their own projects.  OTOH, the linux support was started in newlib and 
>> has grown to where it is today.  It too overrides functionality from 
>> the shared sections of newlib as appropriate for Linux.
> I'm not quite sure what to put into newlib and what to keep in my own
> project. For example, I've done a 150k GAS interface file, rdos.s,  for 
> all syscalls
> in RDOS. This file is anticipated to change quite often as I add new 
> syscalls.
> For sure the implementation of the required fiunctions in newlib will 
> require
> linking to this object file. I configured GCC to always link this file 
> and also
> embedded the crt-startup code there. Should I put this file in newlib or 
> keep
> it in my project? Or both?

Regarding the number of changes you expect to make: I would have no 
problem in giving you write-without-approval permission for the files in 
the libc/sys/rdos directory.  The files in question cannot have a 
proprietary license and the GPL is avoided.  A bsd-like license or freer 
is usually preferred but LGPL is also ok for your OS-specific files.  If 
the project is complex and you need to have control over how it is 
maintained or there are a number of contributors, then having a separate 
project makes sense.  If it is rather straightforward and you are the 
principle maintainer, then having the files in newlib makes sense since 
it is easier for the end-user to build.

> There is also a shared rdos.h file in my project that contains 
> prototypes for
> rdos.s that is used by both Win32 and GCC. This file must be both in
> newlib and in my project.

Not a problem.

> Regards,
> Leif Ekblad

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