redboot syscalls for libgloss/arm

Jeff Johnston
Thu Dec 8 19:47:00 GMT 2005

Shaun Jackman wrote:
> Who is the keeper of the syscalls defined in libgloss/arm/redboot-syscalls.c?
> I would like to add dup, dup2, execve, and link. This list is
> certainly not exhaustive, but it's the minimum needed for a useful
> busybox shell running on a kernel implementing the redboot syscall
> interface.

I would suggest talking to Mark Salter.

> Rather than extending the redboot syscall interface, which seems to be
> intentionally sparse by design, I suspect I'll move along to a more
> fully featured syscall interface, likely that of Linux. This means
> adding a new syscall interface, linux-syscalls.c, to libgloss/arm.
> This addition brings up the question of the config name. The Linux
> syscalls could be added to arm-elf, alongside RDI, RDP, and Redboot.
> This approach seems to me to be the path of least resistance.
> Alternatively, a new arm-linux-newlib (a.k.a.
> arm-unknown-linux-newlib) target could be added.

Regarding a configuration target, no, I'd rather not get in the way of a 
future linux port that properly modifies the libc/sys/linux directory 
and adds arm-specific syscalls, etc.  There is no problem in following 
the other bsps in the directory and supplying ld scripts and spec files.

> I have already sent a patch to config-patches to add support for
> i386-pc-linux-newlib, but I have received absolutely no response in a
> month, even after pinging the list twice further. Is there a protocol
> I'm not following?

You'll have to look at the list archives and see what fixes are being 
approved to figure out the relative time-line of fix to approval.  It 
should also tell you who is doing the approving.

-- Jeff J.

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