Rename ms1 arch to mt

Nathan Sidwell
Wed Dec 7 15:19:00 GMT 2005

this is the first part of a patch sequence to replace the 'ms1' architecture 
name with 'mt'.  The ms1 name does not fit well with morphotech's future plans, 
for instance the ms2 part for which I've been adding support.

This patch does all the file renaming and minimum other changes to keep the 
whole thing building.  I've added an ms1 alias, so one can still continue to 
configure as ms1.  This patch does not rename the cgenerated opcodes files, as 
cgen seemed unhappy about the mixture of mt target name but bfd_ms1_arch_vec 
name. Clearly this patch is a bit of a flag day, and I want to commit it before 
I proceed with tidying up the symbol names.  Because diffs don't show file 
renames well, this diff has been created through the use of symbolic links.  It 
shows the changes to the file contents, you'll have to read the changelog to 
determine the actual renaming.  For the binutils repository I intend to apply 
the patch in two stages, one to rename the files and a subsequent one to apply 
the patch.  For gcc I should be able to use the whizzy svn renaming feature.

This patch touches binutils, gdb, newlib, sid, gcc.  Please let me know which 
bit(s) you're signing off on.  Also, if you'd let me know whether you want to 
review further patches (which are going to be even more sed-like) in this 
sequence, that'd be great.

Nathan Sidwell    ::   ::     CodeSourcery LLC    ::

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