building GCC/newlib for MIPS targets

Dhaval Oza
Mon Nov 21 22:15:00 GMT 2005


I'm trying to build GCC 3.4.2 with newlib 1.12 (using MinGW) for the 
MIPS targets. I need to build the big-endian and little-endian C++ 
libraries for the MIPS-elf targets. I was successful in building the 
big-endian C++ libraries (this what the options defaulted to). I am 
unsure on how to build the C++ libraries for the little-endian 
targets. When building newlib I suppiled the -EL compile target 
option, and then used GCC to build and install the little-endian 
libaries. It seemed like the little-endian libraries were built 
however, I get linking errors when I build my test programs. Is this 
the correct option when building newlib for little-endian targets?

I looked online for help and came across using the multilib options. 
I tried using multilib and only the big-endian libraries get built. 
When I invoke the -print multilib  compiler option I get blank.

1. How to build the tools chain for various target endianess
combinations ?

2. Is it possible to just build one compiler (instead
of mipsel-xx, mipseb-xxx etc) and a set of libraries to
do the job ? If yes, do I need to use multilib option
? If so, how to use it ?



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