Core dump calling strptime()

Jeff Johnston
Sun Nov 20 00:06:00 GMT 2005

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Nov 18 13:59, Erik Cumps wrote:
>>       For reasons of symmetry, glibc tries to support for strptime  the 
>>       format  characters  as  for strftime.  (In most cases the 
>>       fields are parsed, but no field in tm is changed.)  This leads to
>>       %Z     The timezone name.
> Oh yes, I failed to read further in the man page.
> Thx,
> Corinna

A fix has been applied to strptime.  %c is treated as "%a %b %e %H:%M:%S 
%Y" so it works the opposite of strftime.  %Z is ignored (unsupported) 
like it is in glibc.

-- Jeff J.

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