Proposal and RFC: i386-pc-linux-newlib [PATCH]

DJ Delorie
Sat Oct 29 01:02:00 GMT 2005

> I would you like to see the following patch accepted. Since it's in
> the root and not in newlib, who's responsible for applying the
> patch?

The questions are "who can approve this" and "where does it go".  The
actual checking in depends on ability, not responsibility.  Anyway...

The file to read is src/MAINTAINERS which talks about who/what
maintain various common bits shared amongs gcc, newlib, binutils, gdb,
etc.  Specifically for you:

    config.guess; config.sub; readline/support/config.{sub,guess}
	Patches to
	Changes need to be done in tandem with the official CONFIG
	sources or submitted to the master file maintainer and brought
	in via a merge.  When updating any of these files, please be
	sure to update all of them.
	Please notify the following of any committed patches:

Once you get it approved and applied there, you (or a proxy, like me
or Jeff) can just merge in the latest versions from there to the src
repository.  Obviously, include newlib@ in that email ;-)

    Makefile.*; configure;; src-release
	Please notify the following of any committed patches.

The global maintainers for the toplevel build files are myself, Alex
Oliva, and Nathanael Nerode.  It's not obvious how you'd figure that
out, but basically, it's listed in the GCC maintainers file, and I've
got enough priviledges in the various src projects to "make it so"
here too.  Plus, global maintainers for any of the src projects can
approve such changes when relevent, like Jeff for newlib-specific
changes.  Any target-specific portions are up to the target
maintainers, if any.  Nobody really worries about the details as long
as nothing breaks ;-)

Patches to Makefile* and configure* need to be applied to gcc and src.
I have a cron job that tells me when they differ, but they're not
automatically sync'd.

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