[PATCH] fixed references to "Cygnus C Library"

Jeff Johnston jjohnstn@redhat.com
Fri Oct 14 18:50:00 GMT 2005

Patch checked in.  Thanks.

-- Jeff J.

Bob Wilson wrote:
> The title of the newlib C documentation has been changed to use "Red  
> Hat newlib C Library" instead of "Cygnus C Support Library", but  there 
> are several references to the old name within the libc and libm  
> documentation.  This patch updates them to match the new title.
> 2005-10-10  Bob Wilson  <bob.wilson@acm.org>
>         * libc/reent/reent.tex (Reentrancy): Replace "Cygnus C Library"
>         with "Red Hat newlib C Library".
>         * libc/sys.tex (Stubs): Likewise.
>         * libm/math/math.tex (Math): Likewise.
>         * libm/mathfp/mathfp.tex (Math): Likewise.

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