[PATCH] clean up hyphenation in docs

Bob Wilson bwilson@tensilica.com
Wed Oct 12 00:05:00 GMT 2005

Another documentation patch.....

I noticed lots of problems with hyphenation in the newlib docs, both  
missing hyphens and excessive use of hyphens, as well as words that  
were being split in two.  This patch changes to use the following words:

"lowercase", not "lower case" nor "lower-case"
ditto for "uppercase"
"alphanumeric", not "alpha-numeric"
"whitespace", not "white-space"
"case-insensitive", not "case insensitive"
"locale-specific", not "locale specific"

It also makes a lot of hyphenation changes for the term "wide  
character".  This is trickier.  There are clearly cases where this  
should and should not be hyphenated, and then there are a lot of  
places where it isn't clear (to me anyway) which one is correct.   
I've tried to use hyphens sparingly when it isn't clear, i.e., err on  
the side of omitting them.

(As an aside, a while back I submitted a patch to make the docs be  
more consistent in not hyphenating "nonzero".  I noticed that a lot  
of hyphenated uses of "non-zero" have crept in with new code, but I'm  
not especially motivated to change them right now.)

2005-10-11  Bob Wilson  <bob.wilson@acm.org>

         * libc/ctype/ctype.tex: Use hyphens as appropriate, but not  
         * libc/ctype/islower.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/isupper.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswalnum.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswalpha.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswblank.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswcntrl.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswdigit.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswgraph.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswlower.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswprint.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswpunct.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswspace.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswupper.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/iswxdigit.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/tolower.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/toupper.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/towctrans.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/towlower.c: Likewise.
         * libc/ctype/towupper.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/strcasecmp.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/strcoll.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/strings.tex: Likewise.
         * libc/string/strlwr.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/strncasecmp.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/strupr.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wcscoll.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wcslcat.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wcslcpy.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wcsnlen.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wcsstr.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wcstrings.tex: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wmemchr.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wmemcmp.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wmemcpy.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wmemmove.c: Likewise.
         * libc/string/wmemset.c: Likewise.

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