[PATCH] make printf output for Infinity and NaN match C99 standard

Bob Wilson bwilson@tensilica.com
Fri Oct 7 05:46:00 GMT 2005

As you can probably tell, I'm working on contributing a bunch of changes from 
Tensilica's copy of newlib.  Here's another one, done by David Weatherford. 
I've also got a bunch of documentation fixes that I'll try to sort through next 

Anyway, this patch makes the output of Infinity and NaN floating-point values 
match the C99 specification: "inf" and "nan" for e/f/g formats and uppercase 
versions of those for E/F/G formats.  The 'F' format wasn't even recognized, so 
the patch fixes that, too.

2005-10-06  David Weatherford  <weath@tensilica.com>

	* libc/stdio/vfprintf.c (_VFPRINTF_R): Recognize 'F' format.
	Print "inf" and "nan" in lowercase for e/f/g formats and in uppercase
	for E/F/G formats.

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