Packaging and directories (off topic)

Jonathan S. Shapiro
Mon Oct 3 15:07:00 GMT 2005

This is not, strictly speaking, a newlib question, but it is something
that many cross tool builders need to deal with and I would appreciate
advice. If I knew of a mailing list that was more appropriate for cross
tool issues, I would post there instead.

I'm putting together RPMS for a cross tool chain. I've got a workable
onfiguration at this point, and I'm trying to nail down two packaging
issues. The main one concerns directories.

I would like it to be the case that all directories are cleaned up when
the respective packages are removed. Many of the directories are clearly
unique to a package, and there is no real problem with these, but a
directory like


isn't exclusively "owned" by any one package. I can either attribute
such directories to the first package that creates them, or I can
introduce a dedicated package that is responsible for installing (and
removing) these "standard" directories.

Is there a common practice for how to handle this sort of thing?



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