Snapshot vs. CVS

Shaun Jackman
Wed Sep 28 20:38:00 GMT 2005

2005/9/28, Jonathan S. Shapiro <>:
> (1) How stable is the CVS tree at the moment? I.e. how often do I need
> to be planning to update?

I find the newlib CVS to be high quality indeed -- excellent work
Jeff! I usually update my CVS working directory whenever I know
there's a patch upstream that I want to pull.

> (2) Do you have an approximate sense of when the next snap is likely to
> be taken? I suppose I'm really asking: are things presently in an
> "active development" phase, or are they anticipated to be entering a
> "trying to coverge to snapshot" phase some time soon?

I'm also curious about the plan for the next release.


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