Snapshot vs. CVS

Jonathan S. Shapiro
Wed Sep 28 19:24:00 GMT 2005

I'ld like some advice -- most likely from Jeff but other input is

When I pull in a subsystem for integration, my usual practice is to try
to stick to "releases" and patch minimally. For newlib this means that I
picked up the 1.13.0 tarball. So far, ignoring my port-specific patches,
the only patch I have needed has been the "_ctype_b" patch.

I've just run into the stdint.h issue. I need it, and looking over the
mailing list I can see that (a) this is a current issue under
discussion, and (b) it's addressed in the CVS tree.

I'm tempted to move forward to the CVS current branch, but I don't have
time to be patching this every day. Which raises two questions:

(1) How stable is the CVS tree at the moment? I.e. how often do I need
to be planning to update?

(2) Do you have an approximate sense of when the next snap is likely to
be taken? I suppose I'm really asking: are things presently in an
"active development" phase, or are they anticipated to be entering a
"trying to coverge to snapshot" phase some time soon?

I can handle it either way. I'm trying to assess what sort of time
allocation I need to assign to newlib.



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