[patch] More Arm EABI support routines

Nick Clifton nickc@redhat.com
Mon Sep 26 21:44:00 GMT 2005

Hi Paul,

>>>>I'm in two minds about this.  Part of me thinks that this should be in
>>>>libgcc rather than newlib, since these are documented as part of the
>>>>standard run-time support for the compiler.
>>>My reason for putting them in libc was that they're then in the same
>>>place as the underlying mem* routines.
>>But the whole point of these entry points is that they can be more
>>efficient than the mem* routines.  So long-term we really don't want to
>>implement them this way.
> Maybe. I was also thinking that the the C library is more likely to know about 
> target specific properties (size/speed preference, coprocessor support/custom 
> insns, etc) than libgcc.

Nah - libgcc is built along with gcc for a specific target, so it 
actually has a lot of target specific information built into it.  So 
probably the best location for these sources is in gcc/config/arm 
directory.  Then you need to find some way to insert the code into 
libgcc.a.  You could recode the functions into assembler and then move 
them into lib1funcs.asm.  Or you could create a t-arm-eabi file and have 
it define LIB2ADD and then fix the arm-eabi pattern in config.gcc to 
include this extra t-file.


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