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> On Sun, 2005-09-11 at 03:50 -0400, Ethan Tira-Thompson wrote:

>> ...and it will generator a no-op Makefile which has all empty targets.
>> This seems to be because of line 1508 of configure: 1507:  
>> mips*-*-linux*) 1508:     noconfigdirs="$noconfigdirs target-newlib
>> target-libgloss" 1509:    ;; If I comment out 1508, then the build can
>> proceed as expected. 
>> My question is, why is the package disabled for all of the mips
>> targets?
> It isn't.
> newlib is disabled for mips*-*-linux*, but it isn't disabled for other
> mips*-* targets (eg. mips-rtems, mips-elf etc.)
> Probably, mips*-*-linux* uses glibc2 and doesn't use newlib.
>>   Does the current newlib release not support mips, or is
>> this some kind of oversight?
> It does support the mips architecture for a variety of OSes,
> but it doesn't support "Linux on mips".

  Basically, newlib doesn't support linux, and linux doesn't support newlib.
Linux requires a much more fully-featured libc than newlib, and generally
uses glibc.

  If you want a lightweight libc for embedded linux (or similar), you could
look at uClibc (http://www.uclibc.org/).  There may be others, see also


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