[patch] ARM EABI support routine

Paul Brook paul@codesourcery.com
Wed Aug 31 19:38:00 GMT 2005

On Wednesday 24 August 2005 18:27, Jeff Johnston wrote:
> This actually opens a small can of worms due to the fact that
> libc/sys/arm should not exist as it does today.  To solve the problem
> with board packages, newlib added the configuration setting:
> --disable-newlib-supplied-syscalls.  At the moment, this removes the
> entire sys/arm directory from building so your file won't get built.
> The irony is that the file you are adding is actually what belongs in
> libc/sys/arm.
> So, a change is needed in the configuration files in libc/sys/arm to
> allow only this one file to build in the case of
> --disable-newlib-supplied-syscalls.
> There is also the problem with crt0.o.  Currently, the configuration
> checks to see if sys_dir is defined and if yes, expects crt0.o.  This
> could easily be changed by adding a new variable to configure.host which
> specifies no crt0.o regardless.

Something like this?


2005-08-24  Paul Brook  <paul@codesourcery.com>

	* configure.host: Set have_crt0 to no for Arm targts when not
	providing syscalls.  Set sys_dir=arm unconditionally.
	Default have_crt0 based on sys_dir.
	* configure.in: Use have_crt0.
	* libc/configure.in: Ditto.
	* libc/sys/configure.in: Ditto.
	* configure: Regenerate.
	* libc/configure: Regenerate.
	* libc/sys/configure: Regenerate.
	* libc/sys/arm/Makefile.am (lib_a_SOURCES): Add aeabi_atexit.c.
	Only build other files when providing syscalls.
	* libc/sys/arm/Makefile.in: Regenerate.
	* libc/sys/arm/aeabi_atexit.c: New file.

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