Problems VPATH, pow

Davies, Daniel
Mon Aug 29 21:00:00 GMT 2005

Sorry for the subject-less message - I hit the send button too soon. 

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First, let me thank everyone involved with newlib, it has certainly made
my life easier!
I'm cross compiling newlib 1.13.0 for powerpc-unknown-eabialtivec on
i386-pc-solaris2.10.  I'm using version 3.80 of gnu make and gcc 4.0.1.
Two nits:
1. This is probably a solairs-ism.  The VPATH declaration in
newlib-1.13.0/libgloss/rs6000/ is
VPATH = @srcdir@ @srcdir@/..
This does not work in Solairs.
VPATH = @srcdir@:@srcdir@/..
(replaced space with colon) works.
2. pow(0, y) = 1 for all y > 0, e.g. 0^2 = 1.  It looks like pow doesn't
check for this case, takes the log of 0 (which is undefined), gets a
number very close to 0 instead of an approximation to minus infinity,
later takes exp of this number and gets 1.

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