some V850 questions, some general questions

DJ Delorie
Fri Aug 12 20:32:00 GMT 2005

> I tried to tell gcc this with some linker options:

Try using a linker script instead.  Use "v850-unknown-elf-ld
--verbose" to get a copy of the built-in script, then add memory
regions to it and assign sections to regions as appropriate.

> newlib provides a malloc().  How do i tell newlib() about the memory
> and which part it can use for malloc() ?

Normally, you would provide an sbrk() for malloc to use.  Look in
src/libgloss for examples of how various CPUs solve these problems.

> How do i tell newlib how and where to handle stdin/stdout/stderr?
> If my program does a printf(), where do the characters go?  And how
> can i redirect them to a place i want them to be?

Normally, you would provide a write() for newlib to use for all that.

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