some V850 questions, some general questions

Torsten Mohr
Fri Aug 12 20:21:00 GMT 2005


i configured and installed:


with options --target=v850-unknown-elf --prefix=/opt/v850-unknown-elf

I'd like to develop programs for an embedded V850E core in a
V850 F-Line uC.  This uC has its ROM starting at 0x000000 and
its RAM at 0x03ffc000.

I tried to tell gcc this with some linker options:

$(F_ELF): $(OBJ)
	$(CC) -o $@ \
	-Wl,-Map=$(F_MAP) \
	-Wl,--section-start=.vectors=0x000000 \
	-Wl,--section-start=.text=0x000640 \
	-Wl, \

This leads to an error:
/opt/v850-unknown-elf/lib/gcc/v850-unknown-elf/3.4.4/v850e/libgcc.a \
(_callt_save_interrupt.o): In function `__callt_return_interrupt':
../../gcc-3.4.4/gcc/config/v850/lib1funcs.asm:(.call_table_data+0x2): \
relocation truncated to fit: R_V850_CALLT_16_16_OFFSET against `.text'
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status

It looks to me that some addressing mode can't be resolved with
my chosen memory layout, is this correct?

What is the preferred solution to write programs for this micro?

newlib provides a malloc().  How do i tell newlib() about the memory
and which part it can use for malloc() ?

How do i tell newlib how and where to handle stdin/stdout/stderr?
If my program does a printf(), where do the characters go?  And how
can i redirect them to a place i want them to be?

Best regards,

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