libgloss/arm: isatty [PATCH]

Nick Clifton
Sat Jul 30 11:08:00 GMT 2005

Hi Shaun,

>>>+     /* GDB does not yet support the IsTTY SWI that _isatty
>>>+      * calls, so always return true for now. */
>>                                                  ^
>>Minor point: You should have two spaces at the   |  end of a comment.

> I haven't run into this before. You're suggesting two spaces between
> the final period and the asterisk? I'm curious as to why.


   A. It is in the GNU Coding standards:

        "Please put two spaces after the end of a sentence in
         your comments, so that the Emacs sentence commands
         will work."

   B. It is consistent with how comments are formated in (most of) the
      rest of the binutils/gcc/newlib sources.


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