Linker scripts and GCC 4.0.1

Nick Clifton
Fri Jul 29 09:36:00 GMT 2005

Hi Shaun,

> I've compiled newlib CVS 2005-07-28 for arm-elf with
> --disable-newlib-supplied-syscalls using GCC 4.0.1. I'm trying to link
> "Hello, world!" with -Trdpmon.specs and I'm seeing the following error
> message:
> arm-elf-gcc -Trdpmon.specs    hello.c   -o hello
> /usr/local/lib/gcc/arm-elf/4.0.1/../../../../arm-elf/bin/ld:rdpmon.specs:1:
> parse error
> collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
> Do these linker scripts work with GCC 4.0.1?

The rdpmon.specs file is not a linker script, it is a specs file.  You 
probably want to use the -specs=rdpmon.spec switch instead of the -T switch.


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