Committed, libc/machine/cris/libcdtor.c (defaultors): Mark artificially as used

Dave Korn
Wed Jul 27 12:37:00 GMT 2005

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>From: Hans-Peter Nilsson
>Sent: 26 July 2005 21:55

> Sorry for not looking into the possible GCC bug at this time;
> I'm not sure if the code is supposed to be valid actually.
> It's playing tricks and alias support has changed a bit in GCC;
> being more strict for some definition of strict.  GCC removing
> defaultors breaks the build and that's what matters right now.

  It's an issue I've run into myself with static data tables that aren't
directly referenced anywhere in the program code and garbage-collecting
links.  FWIW I think gcc is entirely within its rights to not emit
unreferenced static const objects when optimisation is on.  It should
qualify under the as-if rule, shouldn't it?  I can't see any way that a
program could detect (and thus vary its behaviour according to) the presence
or absence of an unreferenced static const object, without playing some sort
of nasty pointer games that would technically mean undefined behaviour.

  So IMO 'attribute used' is the right solution and you could remove the
'maybe a gcc bug' comment.

  In fact, it's really a conceptual/design problem with the way that
initfini sections are collected by collect2/ld; jamming separate C objects
together in memory layout at link time doesn't turn them into an array at
compile time, when the compiler is doing alias and dataflow analysis etc.
Perhaps gcc could be taught about this in some way?  Or perhaps it just
needs a way to be told to automagically apply attribute used to all objects
it would emit in a given list of named sections?

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