Building PPC EABI without "-mno-eabi -mrelocatable-lib"?

Darin Johnson
Fri Jul 8 04:17:00 GMT 2005

Sergei Organov <> writes:

> The problem is that gcc internal libraries are still compiled with the
> options you don't like. Radical way to fix that is to replace contents
> of the
> gcc/gcc/config/rs6000/t-ppcgas
> in the GCC sources with something like this:

Hmm, I didn't really want any multilibs, but I built it and it seems
alright so far.  I hadn't worried about the libgcc.a because there's
not a lot of files in it that use GOT tables so that the wasted space
isn't very high.  But since you mention the "-msdata=none" flag
I'll have to consider that.

I also noticed that there's a TARGET_CFLAGS that gets used for
newlib, and a TCFLAGS that's used for GCC object and library
files.  That could be easy to use from a build script without having
to patch files.  But I didn't see a way to specify my own flags for
libgloss, so I may have to patch that.


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