Linux for the mips-elf target

Alexander Slack
Sat Apr 30 13:53:00 GMT 2005

Hi all,

I use newlib compiled for the target mips-elf, for a mips/unix emulator 
I am writing. However I am unable to compile any networking programs 
because socket.h and associated functions are not present for that 
target in newlib.

The only implementation for them is in libc/sys/linux, and that seems to 
be i386 only.

- I'm not very good with configure scripts or makefiles, so how do I get 
newlib to build the libc/sys/linux directory?
- Am I right in thinking I have to implement my own 
libc/sys/linux/machine/mips syscall stuff? Are there any other changes I 
need make?
- Does the linux stuff have any dependence on linux kernel files? 
Because I'd rather not use those, only newlib and what I can implement 

Thanks for any help.


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