libgen: basename and dirname [PATCH]

Jeff Johnston
Fri Apr 8 20:27:00 GMT 2005

Christopher Faylor wrote:
> On Fri, Apr 08, 2005 at 11:36:05AM -0700, Shaun Jackman wrote:
>>On Apr 8, 2005 10:51 AM, Jeff Johnston <> wrote:
>>>I realize it is a pain, but it could be a whole lot worse if we forced
>>>everyone to sign a permission form like the FSF does.
>>It's not a problem.  I understand the purpose of copyrights and
>>licenses.  Here's the revised patch.  I stole libgen.h from
> It is rather ironic to include a statement of understanding of copyrights
> and licenses and the word "stole" in the same paragraph.
> Did you happen to notice the copyright you included below?  Please find
> some other source for this header file.  I would prefer not to put cygwin
> copyrighted material in newlib.

Don't worry, I noticed it.  I am going to rewrite it from scratch since it is 
just the two function prototypes.

Shaun, in the future, you can't use the Cygwin license for shared headers/source 

-- Jeff J.

> cgf
>>diff -u /dev/null libc/include/libgen.h
>>--- /dev/null	2005-04-04 21:44:30.000000000 -0700
>>+++ libc/include/libgen.h	2005-04-08 10:12:06.000000000 -0700
>>@@ -0,0 +1,23 @@
>>+/* libgen.h
>>+   Copyright 2005 Red Hat, Inc.
>>+This file is part of Cygwin.
>>+This software is a copyrighted work licensed under the terms of the
>>+Cygwin license.  Please consult the file "CYGWIN_LICENSE" for
>>+details. */
>>+#ifndef _LIBGEN_H
>>+#define _LIBGEN_H
>>+#include <sys/cdefs.h>
>>+extern char *basename (char *path);
>>+extern char *dirname (char *path);
>>+#endif /* _LIBGEN_H */

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