Newlib _ctype_ alias kludge now invalid due to PR middle-end/15700 fix.

Jeff Johnston
Fri Mar 18 17:15:00 GMT 2005

Thanks Hans/Corinna.  I incorporated your two changes together.  I also changed 
the comment to mention binary compatibility instead of deprecation.

2005-03-18  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>
             Corinna Vinschen  <>

         * libc/include/ctype.h: Remove invalid +1 offset from
         ctype macro references to __ctype_ptr.
         (_ctype_): Move declaration outside #ifndef __cplusplus.

-- Jeff J.

Hans-Peter Nilsson wrote:
>>Date: Fri, 18 Mar 2005 03:07:43 +0100
>>From: Hans-Peter Nilsson <>
>>2005-03-18  Hans-Peter Nilsson  <>
>>        * libc/include/ctype.h (_ctype_): Move declaration
>>	outside #ifndef __cplusplus.
> FWIW, this worked and survived a gcc test run (including C++ and
> libstdc++) for mmix-knuth-mmixware.  There are objc execute
> regressions for objc/execute/bf-5.m all -O levels since last
> build, but looking at the test that's unlikely to be related to
> the ctype changes.
> brgds, H-P

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