Newlib _ctype_ alias kludge now invalid due to PR middle-end/15700 fix.

Jeff Johnston
Thu Mar 17 20:22:00 GMT 2005

Giovanni Bajo wrote:
> Hans-Peter Nilsson <> wrote:
>>So, the previously-questionable newlib alias-to-offset-in-table
>>kludge is finally judged invalid.  This is a heads-up for newlib
>>users.  IMHO it's not a GCC bug, though there's surely going to
>>be some commotion.  Maybe a NEWS item is called for, I dunno.
> It will be in NEWS, since RTH already updated
> I hope newlib will be promptly fixed.
> Giovanni Bajo

I have just checked in a patch to newlib that changes the ctype macros to use 
__ctype_ptr instead of _ctype_.  In addition, a configuration check is made to 
see whether the array aliasing trick can be used or not.

The code allows for backward compatibility except in the case where the old code 
is using negative offsets and the current version of newlib is built with a 
compiler that does not support the array aliasing trick.

Corinna, if this causes any Cygwin issues, please let me know.

-- Jeff J.

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