[PATCH] Fix problem with file locking used before initialised

Antony KING antony.king@st.com
Tue Feb 8 18:47:00 GMT 2005

I have had a bit of a think on this and I don't think the addition of 
this lock to __sinit is required since __sinit is called with a task 
specific reent structure and does not reference any global state (other 
than that in the reent structure).

__sinit should therefore be inherently thread safe without the addition 
of locks unless your application/RTOS is using this API in such a way 
that it is possible for one task to initialise the stdio data of another 
task's reent structure (and therefore have a potential race condition). 
However I believe this scenario is not the model expected, nor 
supported, by newlib (correct me if I am wrong in my understanding :-); 
the expected model, I believe, is that a reent structure should only be 
changed by its owner task.

The only place in newlib where this seems to happen is __sfp (also in 
findfp.c) where it checks the stdio initialisation of the global reent 
structure (_GLOBAL_REENT). However this is safe since __sfp is already 
taking a lock before the initialisation.

Also, I note that I missed libgloss/arm/syscalls.c when I made the 
changes to newlib/libc/sys/arm/syscalls.c in my recent patch and 
therefore you may want to apply the same changes to this file (the files 
should be identical).



Jeff Johnston wrote:
> Patch applied.  I noticed a flaw in that __sinit was unlocked so you 
> could conceivably have two threads that called it in a race condition.  
> I added a lock for it and added a check once you acquire the lock that 
> __sdidinit wasn't already set.
> Thanks,
> -- Jeff J.

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