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Eric Blake
Wed Feb 2 14:09:00 GMT 2005

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According to Corinna Vinschen on 2/2/2005 3:07 AM:
> This is newlib schtuff, so I CCd the newlib mailing list.
> [Resend because I forgot the CC]
> On Feb  1 20:58, Erik Blake wrote:

Eric, not Erik.

> include/pwd.h is a newlib file.  However, I was pretty happy that pw_uid
> and pw_gid were defined as int, when we changed uids and gids from 16 to
> 32 bits.  It was the one file which wasn't necessary to change.

Is it worth introducing two definitions in cygwin, guarded by
__CYGWIN_USE_BIG_TYPES__, as is done elsewhere (for example sys/dirent.h)?
 Or how about something like the following to ensure that pw_comment
remains at the same offset regardless of whether sizeof(uid_t) == sizeof(int):

struct passwd {
  char *pw_name;
  char *pw_passwd;
  union {
    int __filler;
    uid_t upw_uid;
  } u;
/* etc. */
#define pw_uid u.upw_uid;

> We could just redefine struct passwd to use uid_t and gid_t, but this
> would break (very very very very unlikely) builds of Cygwin using
> sources of versions before 1.5.0.  In other words, old Cygwin sources
> using 16 bit uids/gids would go down hell.
> Personally, I think I can live with that, but I would like to hear if
> there's any good reason to build historic versions (say, b20) with a
> recent newlib.

I don't think so.  Anyone brave enough to want to build something that old
should build a complete system from sources from that time, rather than
mixing and matching old cygwin with newer newlib.

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