Libgloss tree and diference between "architecture" and "platform".

Paul Chavent
Sat Jan 15 17:46:00 GMT 2005


I'am working on an arm architecture. More specificaly on an arm7tdmi, a 
gameboy. For training, i would like to develop my own syscalls (write to 
stdout for example). So my question is :

Should i create a new directory in the libgloss tree (like 
libgloss/myplatform) or should i create specific files in the arm one 
(like libgloss/arm/redboot-syscalls.c i provide 
libgloss/arm/myplatform-syscalls.c) ?

I ask this because if i cut my syscalls en difrent files it will be a 
bit untidy in the arm directory !
And i would like to produce a work that conform with your standard 
organiasation so it will be reference for my future jobs.



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